Hollywood Through My Eyes

The Lives & Loves of a Golden Age Siren

Monica Lewis, affectionately known as America’s Singing Sweetheart during the Golden Years of jazz and Hollywood, recalls countless stories from the various stages of her unforgettable life.

“I am one of the millions who fell in love with Monica. After reading this book, I know why.”

 – Robert Wagner, veteran actor, Hart to Hart, Austin Powers

Lavishly illustrated, with a foreword by Grammy Award-winning composer Lalo Schifrin, HOLLYWOOD THROUGH MY EYES is an intimate portrait of the heyday of radio, film, and television as witnessed by popular mid-century recording artist and MGM contract player Monica Lewis. Packed with witty anecdotes, celebrity adventures, show business history, and hundreds of never-before-seen photos of the famous and influential, this chronicle of one performer’s rise from Depression-era Chicago through the proving ground of live broadcast and the chic Manhattan club circuit, and finally, to the privileged, politically-charged, and philanthropic environs of Beverly Hills, is a rare insider’s look at the evolution of entertainment. The idealized, wholesomely sexy sound and image of apple-pie America, Monica Lewis volunteered her talent in support of U.S. troops during two of the 20th century’s greatest conflicts—becoming the darling of servicemen through the war bond drive, military radio broadcasts, and a frontline performance tour of South Korea. She was the magazine cover girl with the mile-wide smile and the ad world’s Most Wanted with the million-dollar legs, as well as the longtime voice of the Chiquita Banana brand.

An indelible icon of entertainment’s early years, Monica Lewis is proof that a great voice—and a vivacious spirit—can survive the ages.

What they are saying about the book…

“We remember Monica Lewis, the diminutive, dimpled singer and actress.  Graceful. Stylish. We remember Monica Lang, wife of one of Hollywood’s legendary studio chiefs:  the late Jennings Lang and mother of their children. Busy running a bustling, grand household. Always singing, she inhabited both lives, again with grace and style. Monica Lewis Lang, still diminutive, still dimpled. As devoted a grandmother as she is a mother. As she was a wife. Still a wonderful singer. And now, an author. Still living life with grace and style.”

Alan & Marilyn BergmanAward-winning songwriters, The Way We Were, Yentl

“From her big break as Big Band leader Benny Goodman’s vocalist to her years as a featured player—and observer—of the Hollywood life, Monica Lewis has written a fascinating memoir.”

Elmore LeonardBest-selling author Get Shorty, Djibouti

“I am one of the millions who fell in love with Monica. After reading this book, I know why.”

Robert WagnerVeteran actor, Hart to Hart, Austin Powers

“Monica had the eyes for Hollywood, and now she tells all. A must read!”

Liz SmithThe Grand Dame of Dish, wowOwow.com

“Monica’s book is filled with fun, facts, and deep feelings. She hits all the right notes.”

Ginny ManciniFounder, Henry Mancini Institute and Society of singers